FAQ’s for Business

The SCC Card is a digital membership card that customers can download on their phone, that provides information about local merchant deals, discounts & special offers.

you will have less advertising, printing and customer acquisition costs.

It will keep you relevant. Allows you to communicate with customers in real time. Nobody wants to do business with a company that’s outdated or late to adopt trends that could benefit them. Your customers will appreciate your desire to update your processes and make things easier for them.

Members Never Lose Cards. Your customers can rest easy knowing they have The SCC Card that they don’t have to worry about losing or replacing. 

YES! You can add as many offers as you like at the start of your agreement. We will also add more offers for you throughout the year, if you wish.

Everyone in the State who has a SCC Card will be made aware of your offer. We also make it easier for your customers to keep up with offers by sending out red dot alerts for each offer.

Yes you can! This is a great advantage in advertising with us as we can send out your promotion to everyone who holds a SCC Card