FAQ’s – For Community Partners

You contact businesses in your local community or your existing sponsors that provide goods or a service. They provide awesome deals, discounts or special offers. Those offers are added to our digital cards that are accessed by paying SCC Card buyers through our phone app. The offers are  reusable and typically valid until the end of the year

Because you know your school, club or team and therefore can choose the local merchants you want to associate with your school, club or team. We have proved that a minimum of 100 merchants on the SCC Card Program from a variety of industries will bring in a very good revenue stream

The most popular is anything food related such as restaurants & coffee shops. Family activities and events are highly popular also.

Our set up allows you to sell SCC Card memberships online through our links on the website & social media but you will be the eyes and ears of the SCC Card in your area

Yes, there is. As a partner you should continue to add local  merchants and therefore attract more members to generate a continual revenue stream. Also, at the end of every year, we send out a reminder to all existing members to renew the SCC Card membership. Consumers can renew with the simple click of a button and you continue to receive payments

The higher percentage of total revenue goes to the partner. For example: Our one (1) year cards sell for $45 each, you keep over 50% of each card sold

Everyone in the State who has a SCC Card will be made aware of every merchants offer on the program. We also make it easier for your customers to keep up with offers by sending out red dot alerts for each offer in every region.

There are no upfront costs for a Community Partner joining the SCC Card. We will simply send you a payment for your SCC Card membership sales at the end of every month.

The only requirements are;

a) We need to know you are associated with a school, Club of Team and have permission to represent them on this program. This can be as an employee, volunteer or parent.

b) The businesses you sign up to the program are universally seen as keeping with the morals & standards expected of the sports world particularly where it applies to youth sports.

All Businesses/Merchants Register for free. They simply need to sign an agreement giving permission to provide the deal, discount or special offer 

Merchants provide many kinds of offers, typical examples are:

Get 10% off your entire purchase

Get free fries with the purchase of any burger

Free entry for one child with two paying adults

Get any dessert for free when you make a purchase of $25 or more

Free consultation service

Buy one drink, and get another drink of same value for ½ price

Get $2 off any Value Basket! Includes entree, side and drink

Buy any large pizza and get one free drink

Buy a large sub combo and get a medium sub for free.

Buy one entrée and get a child meal for free

Buy one movie ticket and get one free (Monday – Thursday)

Get your favorite coffee for half price.